How to incorporate our charts on your own web page.

Resize original image by changing attributes width and height, using predefined values like in the next examples:


Three different ways to incorporate our images


In order to better serve you, Kitco gives you the opportunity to use our home-made charts right onto you web site, and all this, free of charge (see Note:). You can incorporate any of our graphical charts simply by choosing the desired one from the menus on the left side of this page. Few of the examples provided below, are accompanied with a short exaplanation on how to do it.

The three ways to do it are:
Keep the original size of the image
B. Horizontally distort the image and
Vertically distort the image.

NOTE: To take advantage of the no-charge service you must make the image a hotlink to We have provided a sample HTML code that will accomplish this but it can be modified on your page as long as the link to "connecting.html" remains.

If there is no link back to charges will apply. For more information please send us an email through our web application (please specify Charts as email type).

Original Image, without any changes ()


Horizontally streched image, changes: (width="250" height="124")


Horizontally streched image, changes: (width="350" height="124")


Proportionally streched image, changes: (width="258" height="186")


Proportionally streched image, changes: (width="344" height="248")